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I have added a section with some pre-blog writings.

A little excerpt:

The Universe In An Earthworm

All phenomena reflect – and are interdependent with – the Universe as a whole.

Let’s take an earthworm as an example.

In the earthworm is embedded the history of the whole Universe. It is a direct descendant of the Big Bang, dependent for its existence on the amazing reorganization of energy to simple particles, simple to complex particles, and non-life to life. Its ancestors are primordial stars, supernovas and clouds of stardust reshaped into new solar systems.

In an earthworm is also embedded the history of the Earth. Its ancestors are the first one-celled organisms, the first amazing collections of single celled organism that functioned as one whole, the first organisms that came ashore, and every being in the chain from the first cells up to its own existence.

In the earthworm is also embedded the extent of the Universe. The events described above were all dependent on and embedded in the processes and structures of the Universe as a whole. The Earth would not have emerged or evolved, nor would it exist the way it does today, were it not embedded in the structures and processes of this evolving Universe. It is dependent upon the space, the formation of galaxies, the evolution of stars and the gravitational pull that allow matter to gather into galaxies, stars, solar systems and planets.

Similarly, the extent of the Earth – the Earth as a whole – is reflected in the humble earthworm. The history of the co-evolution of the Earth as a whole and all its subsystems is embedded in this earthworm. All its many ancestors were dependent upon and reflected the state of the Earth as a whole at the time of their existence.

At this moment, the existence of the earthworm is dependent upon the ecosystem it is living in, on the conditions of the Earth as a whole, and on the processes and structures of the whole Universe.

In the earthworm we see the Big Bang, the emergence of matter from energy, the first stars, supernovas, the emergence of the living Earth, the history of the Earth as a whole as reflected in each of its ancestors and the processes and structures of the Earth and the Universe at this moment.

In every phenomenon is embedded the history and extent of the Universe.

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