The Least & The Most Remarkable

Awakenings is simultaneously the least and the most remarkable.

Least Remarkable

It is the least remarkable as it is God, Existence, Buddha Mind, Spirit awakening to itself. It is just awakening to what already is. Nothing is manufactured, nothing is added, there is just an awakening to what is, just a noticing. What can be less remarkable than this?

From the perspective of the whole, what is absolutely remarkable and astonishing is that it can form itself into these myriads of forms, evolve these forms into always more complex forms, and temporarily delude itself to identify exclusively with one or a small subsection of these forms. This is truly and absolutely remarkable.

To awaken from this is just coming back to what already is. Nothing can be less remarkable.

Most Remarkable

From a human perspective, the awakening is absolutely astonishing and remarkable. It is so utterly remarkable that it can even be seen as impossible, either in principle (modern science) or for oneself (many “spiritual seekers”).

When we identify exclusively as a human being – as one of the temporary form within Existence – then it seems impossible to awaken. We may also cling to many ideas of what an awakening entails, which in themselves can cause further suffering and struggle.

When there is an awakening – when Existence awakens to itself as a whole, still functioning through this human self which it previously was identified with – then it may seem utterly remarkable. There is such a profound sense of liberation, expansion and simplicity compared to the contraction and confusion of the exclusively identified state. And when this release comes, suddenly or gradually, it is often associated with bliss and joy.

So from the view of the whole, the awakening is utterly unremarkable. It can maybe even be seen as a slight disappointment because the richness of the temporary drama is over.

And from the view of the part, it is utterly remarkable and astonishing. Compared with contraction, drama and suffering of the temporary contraction of identity – down to a particular form within the whole – there is a sense of enormous release, liberation, joy and bliss.

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