The Stuckness Of An Exclusive “I”

[another posting where the focus shifted during writing]

Any belief in the thought “I” tends to be exclusive, no matter what portion of Existence this “I” refers to. It creates suffering, as Existence itself is far more fluid and rich than any thougth can ever be. It creates the appearance of some portion of Existence as “I” and another portion as “other”, and this “other” inevitably comes up as a disturbance.

When I believe in the thought “I” and have it refer to my human self, there is obviously self-imposed suffering and limitations. I make myself into an object in a world of innumerable other objects, and I attach a particular and exclusive identity to it.

And when I believe in the thought “I” and have it refer to myself as resting as what is, or as pure awareness, I again self-create suffering and limitations.

I now make anything else – including abstractions – into “other”. In this way, I limit myself tremendously. I attach to a thought which excludes the richness and functionality of thoughts.

I get stuck in a rigid way of living, and try to fit my naturally fluid and rich life into a limited idea of what it “should” be.

In addition, I cut myself off from communicating more fluidly with others. By beliving in “I” in a way that excludes abstractions, I make myself stuck. If I communicate at all, it often takes a form that does not connect with the recipient – it only seems mysterious, bizarre and/or meaningless.

When I drop this belief in “I” as somehow excluding abstractions, I am much more free in how I live my life and communicate with others. Now, abstractions again becomes a very helpful and practical tool. I see it for what it is, and do not need to make it into an “other”.

I see that this too is part of the tremendous fluidity and richness of human life.

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