The Thought “I”

I am on the headlessway email list these days, and find a good deal of insightful postings there, often fresh, dynamic and free from traditions and dogma. Here is a nice snippet from one:

i never said anything was wrong with thought. but, thought modifies awareness. it is through the mechanism of thought that the scheme of “inner” & “outer” arises. in a purely subjective state, there is no such duality, no other. thought appears in the empty space of headless awareness the same as all other alleged objective phenomena. in fact, it is through thought that the duality of “you” & “me” appear (the ego is nothing more than the thought “I”). all things are a modification of what is. it is like ornaments made of gold may be cast in many different forms, but, they all still consist of the same substance.

The ego is nothing more than the thought “I”. Can’t say it much more simply than that.

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