Tools & Frameworks etc.

It seems time for another list of current tools & framworks…!

Current Tools



  • Ecospirituality, deep ecology, etc. (including deep ecology activities)
  • Sustainability (the natural step, ecological design etc.)

Books recently read

  • Awake in the Heartland by Joan Tollifson
  • Range of books by Douglas Harding
  • The Wonder of Practice by Toni Packer
  • Tapes and books by Adyashanti
  • U. G. Krishnamurti (online books)
  • Videos by/of Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow (Universe Story)
  • Browsing books I have read in the past on Buddhism, especially Dzogchen and Zen (Dzogchen Primer, Trungpa, Sogyal Rinpoche, Hsing-Hsing Ming, Huang Po, Maezumi Roshi etc).

And much more…

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