Transdual View: Evolution & Ground

From a transdual view, of Existence embracing all polarities – existence/nonexistence, experiencer/experienced, mind/matter, etc – we also naturally include evolution & ground.

This Universe (our representative of the Relative) is always in change, always evolving, always manifesting in new ways. And as humans, individually and collectively, we are an intimate part of this process.

At the same time, we can find our “ground” as the Absolute, as capacity for the world, pure awareness, etc. From this view, we can see the world of phenomena as a seamless fluid evolving whole, and are free to play with any variety of views without getting trapped by or stuck in them.

Without the first, we loose out on the richness of active engagement in the process of unfolding. Without the second, we too easily get stuck in particular views.

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