Two Curiosities

There are two curiosities (if that is a word) coming up for me…

The Big Minds

First, the relationship between BIG Big Mind and Local Big Mind.

The BIG Big Mind referring to Existence as a whole, focused everywhere and nowhere in particular.

And the local Big Mind referring to the transdual awareness focused on/through a particular human self.

It seems that the local Big Mind is BIG Big Mind becoming relatively aware of itself, although with some veils still left – so that it can be focused and function through a particular human self. Some veils are left so the exploration process – depending on at least a subtle sense of differentiation and separation – can continue.

Capacity, Awareness & World of Phenomena

And the other question is the relationship between capacity and awareness, and between awareness and the world of phenomena.

There is the capacity of Existence for anything to arise, the void pregnant with potentialities.

And there is the pure awareness. Apparently distinct from the world of phenomena, yet also apparently inseparable from it, and able to function in nondual, transdual and dualistic ways.

Is capacity and awareness the same, or different?

Can there be pure awareness without the world of phenomena? Is awareness and the world of phenomena the same or different?

Of course, the general answer to all of these questions is that (a) they are inherently the same (differentiation comes from an added layer abstractions) and yet (b) there is the possibility to discern and differentiate among these and look at their relationships.

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