Unknown & Known

There is an interesting and dynamic interplay among the many forms of the unknown and the known.

As pure awareness, there is an unknowing in that there are no abstractions and thus no conventional forms of (discursive/dualistic) knowledge there. But there is also a knowing, in the form of knowing itself as the groundless ground, and that This (whatever it happens to be) is. And there also seems to be a form of basic, given intelligence there.

As our human selves, there is an unknowing in the recognition that all our experiences are limited, and our maps (words, models, theories etc) are even more so. Existence is always more than and different from our experiences and models of it. And there is also a knowing in a limited sense. A practical knowing, in the forms of experience, memory, skills, models, abstractions etc. This knowing is invaluable in helping us navigate and function in the world, and also quite fallible and of only temporary value.

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