Wishful Thinking

At the Bioneers conference this weekend, I noticed the process of impulses coming up and then “given away” to others.

Many who are drawn to Bioneers are insightful enough to recognize the course form of shadow projections, and naturally have an inclusive “us” approach rather than “us vs. them”.

Still, there is a more subtle form where this happens, and it often takes the form of wishful thinking. If only the world leaders could get it. If only he or she had done it this way rather than that. etc.

It is a milder and gentler form, but still one where we take an impulse arising in us and meant for us, and attempt to “give it away” to others.

The advice is always first for the person it arises in, and then it may spill over to benefit others if that is what the situation invites for.

In the first case, it is a dead end, both externally (we can’t control others) and internally (give away what is meant for us). In the second case, there is a sense of coming home, of enlivening richness and vitality.

For me, I see that I am relatively skilled in avoiding this form of wishful thinking verbally and aimed at others, but I do in other ways – especially in wishing my current situation to be different.

What is here for me is recognizing that there is still much further to go, and also allow it to spill over for others to benefit from or not as they wish.

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