Aligned With Existence

To mature and develop as a human being can be seen as a process of aligning more closely with the view of Existence.

Whenever there is resistance coming up (as discomfort, sense of disturbance etc.), it is an indication that our view is not quite aligned with what is – with the view of Existence as it is, and as a whole.

And Existence is just what is, beyond and embracing all polarities. Nothing is excluded.

I am a human being. I am pure awareness. There is an overlay of abstractions and differentiations, including an “I” which can have different content. There is pure choiceless awareness, reflecting anything as it is. And there is just what is, as it is. There is innumerable subpersonalities, and the whole of my human self beyond and embracing all the mind and body processes on a human level. There is a human self and there is the transpersonal views Big Mind and Big Heart. And there is a natural fluidity among all these, including resistance and phases of stuckness. This all is as it is, and it is all the play of Existence, as it is.

The continuing process of maturing can be seen as becoming more consciously and effortlessly algined with all of this. With everythign manifesting, as it is…

Including desires to evolve, develop, change, mature. Including exploring, mapping, and mastering the world of phenomena. Including being a full human being. Including finding myself as the formless unborn. Including becoming more comfortable and skilled at all my many human roles and relationships. And so on.

It is Existence awakening to itself as it is, including its absence of restrictions in how it manifests.

Nothing is excluded.

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