Always Deluded

There is a good chance that no matter how far we awaken and realize this awakening in our daily human lives, there will always be new layers of delusion.

For every awakening, there is a new delusion. There is always something left out.

From a merely pragmatic point of view, it makes good sense to always assume delusion. It helps me stay more deeply human, humble, grateful and receptive, and it keeps the door open for new awakenings, realizations, insights and integrations.

As the old Taoists say, if think you understand or have realized the Tao, you loose it. You are no longer (consciously) aligned with it, because you overlook your blind spots and potential for further awakenings, development and realizations.

Looking at this universe, we see that there is always new manifestations, new evolution, new developments. Why should it be any different for our own awakenings and realizations? At the very least, as the universe continues to unfold, we continue to bring these new unfoldings into awareness. So there is always further to go.

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