Fluidity Of Self & No Self

During a Big Mind session some days ago, we were asked to observe our human self right now and the day before.

For me, I only found space – with sparse and random sensations, feelings, emotions and thoughts arising – but nothing that made up a self. And when I looked at the day before, there was only the looking at a thought about the day before. Others seemed to find a self in the present and the day before with ease.

It made me realize that I currently may be a little stuck in “no self”, and not quite able to fluidly move between self and no self.

To move fluidly between experiencing the self as an organized pattern whole, and the no self experientially as just random phenomena arising in space in the present with no inherent “inner” or “outer” (or more abstractly as a temporary vortex in the world of phenomena with no fixed or separate existence).

Among those who spoke up at the event, it is likely that some are not yet familiar with no self, and others are to the extent that they can move fluidly between self and no self.

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