Fulcrums & Voices

It seems that the Big Mind process could easily be applied to various evolutionary and developmental models, as a way for us to retrace our own evolution (as universe, planet and humans) and development (as individuals) and as a preview of coming attractions.

One obvious framework is that of Ken Wilber and his fulcrums (F1 to F9 and nondual). Here, we can retrace our evolutionary process up to wherever are are currently, familiarize ourselves with the structures still present as gifts from each evolutionary/developmental phase, and have a preview of future phases.

Some possible voices:

  • Integrated Free Functioning Human Being, fluidity among all the voices (not one particular fulcrum but more what emerges when we become more familiar with them all).
  • — | Nondual: Big Mind (the absolute, beyond and embracing all polarities, choiceless, release from all chackras.).
  • F9 | Causal: Witness (dissolving the inner/outer boundary of the human self, 7th/crown chakra).
  • F8 | Subtle: Big Heart (deity mysticism, bodhisattva, love/devotion/bliss).
  • F7 | Psychic: Nature mysticism (God in all there is, 6th/third eye chakra).
  • F6 | Centaur: Bodymind integration + planetary integration/Gaia. 5th/throat chakra.
  • F5 | Mature Ego: Rational mind (dualistic, science, acheivist, 4th/heart chakra).
  • F4 | Persona: Rules & Roles (rule oriented, role self, conformist, absolutist).
  • F3 | ?: Power. 3rd/solar plexus chakra.
  • F2 | Emotions: (maybe go through a few basic ones, 2nd chakra).
  • F1 | Matter: The body. 1st/base chakra.

When doing this with people, it may be good to streamline it a little and leave some voices out. One possible sequence may be: body > (a couple of basic emotions) > rational/dualistic mind > Big Heart > Witness > Big Mind > IFFHB.

This is just a slight tweak to how the Big Mind process is typically used. First, we go through some of the voices on a personal/human level, then the transcendent voices.

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