I am still using the headless experiments, and find it very helpful.

I find myself as emptiness full of the world, as it appears to this human self in the present.

And through this, there is a detatching from any phenomena – whether it is external or internal to my human self, or whether it is any sensation, feeling, emotion, thought, etc. Any experience is seen as just that, an experience arising within the changeless formless, empty awareness.

It is a sensation in the world of sensations. A feeling in the world of feelings. An emotion in the world of emotions. A though in the world of thoughts. An experience in the world of experiences. All unfolding within awareness, empty of any characteristics.

What sometimes may appear as “I” is now revealed to be just another temporary phenomenon, coming and going as guests.

This is a great sense of liberation in this. A liberation from mistaking myself as an object – any object – in the world of phenomena.

And it is also a liberation from mistaking myself as formless awareness. That too has no “I” inherent in it.

It all just is – as it is – with no “I” anywhere. There is the fullness of what happens in the present – music, falling leaves, the hum of a fan, the tapping of keys, a sensation of pressure at a few different places in space, a feeling in another place in space, some thoughts arising, formless awareness in which neither of these leaves any trace – and there is no “I” located anywhere in all of this.

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