Living & Dying For

I heard a segment on To The Best of Our Knowledge (Wisconsin Public Radio) where they interviewed random people on what they are living for, and what they would die for. To me, this is an example of good radio and good reporting, going beyond the events of the day and hitting closer to the core of what it is to be a living being.

It is also interesting to see how the answers to these questions (apparently) fall nicely into the Spiral Dynamics model.

Some examples…

  • I would die for liberty, truth and my country (blue level).
  • I don’t think I would die for anything in particular (orange?).
  • I would die if it could save significant numbers of people (imagined response, green?).
  • I live for family and friends (any level beyond red?).
  • I live for work (blue or orange?).
  • Woman leaning over stroller and asking her baby to say hello (second tier?).
  • Life is its own meaning (imagined response, second tier?).

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