Need vs. Want

I read The Gospel According to Jesus yesterday, and was reminded of what used to be my main practice some years ago: seeing everything that happens as God’s will, and for my highest benefit.

This situation is exactly what I need, although it may not be what I (consciously) want.

From Big Mind, we see that anything is Big Mind and complete and perfect as it is. It is also completely neutral.

From this – more mystial theistic – perspective, we see that not only is everything complete as it is, but it is also exactly what I need. This situation is the most perfect situation for me, and in my highest interest. Nothing could be more perfect or helpful than exactly this situation.

It is a wonderful way to open up to my life and the present. It helps me stay interested, curious and awake in what is happening in the present. It deepens sincerity, receptivity, gratitude and humility. It helps me avoid blaming the outer situation, and instead look at what can I learn from this? How can this help me mature? How can it help me open up?

It is just one of many skillful means, and one that worked wonderfully for me in the past. Maybe it is time to engage in it again.

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