Nothing Special

One aspect of the awakening process is a continuing awakening to and deepening of the realization of “nothing special”.

We realize that it is only Existence waking up to itself, as it is. Nothing is manufactured, nothing is created – apart from the noticing. The Witness is always there, whether we notice or not. And Big Mind is just awakening to the view of Existence as it is. There is truly nothing special here.

On our human level, we find that every quality we see in other human beings is also in our human self. Every human self is unique within the context of our shared humanity.

As we become more deeply familiar and comfortable with both of these, there is a natural fluidity among all the various aspects of our human self and Big Mind. And in this, there is no longer anything to prove and we are likely to appear to others as just a more deeply and richly mature human being.

The other side of “nothing special” is that it is amazing and special. It is Existence awakening to itself as it is, after a phase of amnesia. And this is quite a big deal. And this too is part of the “nothing special” – it is just what naturally happens when there is an awakening.

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