‘Pop’ Goes The Groundless Ground

This summer, the “groundless ground” popped out for me.

Since my opening in my teens, I have of course been aware of this formless awareness, the unchanging context for the changing content of experiences. And it has moved to the front or back at various times, and increased in presence during times with more sitting practice or similar.

The “pop” this summer somehow made it different. It is now standing out effortlessly, in a completely unremarkable and ordinary way. This “groundless ground” which allows any content to come and go as guests, as they do anyway but now with an absence of drama and effort.

And it also helped me see that there is really no “I” anywhere, not even as this formless awareness. It is just what is happening in the present – the sounds of the keyboard, the chill, the sensations of the tips of the fingers tapping, the hum of the computer, the meow of the cat, the music, the trees outside the window, random thoughts, formless awareness. There is just what is in the present, as it is, and with no “I” located any particular place.

Completely unremarkable. Completely ordinary. Effortless. With an absence of drama.

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