Projections & The Transdual

If we only worked with recognizing and integrating projections, it in itself will bring us right into the transdual – and a continuously deepening transdual view.

First, I am exclusively identified as a human being and see a clear and real distinction between inside and outside, the inner and outer worlds. My view is almost exclusively dualistic.

As I work with projections on a personal level, I gradually find more and more of the qualities I see in the outer world also in the inner and the other way around. The boundary becomes more permeable. My view deepens into the transdual.

As this continues, my identity – and center of gravity – shifts from my human self to the Witness, to myself as formless awareness, the Unborn. I now see that the world of phenomena is a seamless fluid whole, and the distinction of inner and outer is from an added layer of abstractions, of functional and temporary use only. My view of the world of phenomena is now more deeply transdual.

Eventually, I see that this “I” too is just from a layer of added abstractions. There is no “I” inherent in anything, not even this formless awareness which I temporarily identified with. Now, there is just what is, as it is, with no “I” to be found anywhere. My view continues to deepen into the transdual. What is, is that which goes beyond and embraces awareness and matter, existence and nonexistence, formless and form, life and death, and so on.

Working with projections can lead us right up to the final shift (of no “I”). And – depending on which technique(s) we use – can even take us through that shift, using for instance the Byron Katie inquiry process.

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