If there is one single guidelines which may help us to become more fully human, embracing, deepening into and being fluid with both the personal and transpersonal realms, it may be sincerity.

Sincerity helps me…

Deepen into what is, fully experiencing and embracing it. Being with and being what is, allowing it into awareness as it is in the present.

Open for gratitude, humility and compassion. Gratitude, for what is given – for the infinite beauty, richness and wonder of Existence. Humility, for being an infinitely small creature in an infinetely large universe, and for being just one of many, all in the same boat. Compassion, for all the suffering we all experience, and from recognizing myself in any other being.

Move from duality to deepening transduality, through being with what is and seeing in myself what I see in the outer world.

Living with a more open heart and mind, with greater receptivity. With less to protect.

Stay and deepening into being human, in all ways.

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