Staying Human Through Working With Projections

I am daily reminded of the value of working with projections. Either through just noticing in myself what I see in the outer world, or through using one or more of the many techinques out there (for instance the 3-2-1 technique from the Integral Institute or Byron Katie’s inquiry).

Some of the effects…

  • It helps me see in myself what I see in others and the other way around.
  • It reminds me of our shared humanity. We are all in the same boat.
  • It brings (for me) new qualities and characteristics into my conscious repertoire.
  • It helps me see in myself whatever quality or characteristics I see as “out there”, anywhere on this planet and throughout Existence.
  • It helps me into a deepening transdual view (the inner/outer boundary becomes more transparent until it falls away).
  • It helps me avoid some of the ugliest expressions of delusion (which often come from seeing in myself something I don’t see in others, or the other way around).

    And it deepens…

    • Humility through seeing in myself what I see in others. I am not special.
    • Receptivity, since there is no fixed/separate identity to protect.
    • Gratitude, for our shared humanity and the infinite richness of Existence (in the inner/outer equally).
    • Compassion, from recognizing in myself what I see in others.
    • My humanity, through all of these and more.

In short, it helps me stay human and deepens and enriches my life in ways too many to count. It is a daily and lifelong practice, and one that has so many benefits…

If I leave a projection practice out, it tends to bring stuckness and suffering, through… (a) A deepening sense of duality and inner/outer split, and with it a sense of alienation. (b) A rigid and fixed self-image, and with it a sense of something to protect. (c) A sense of inferiority or superiority, and with it lack of confidence or excessive arrogance. (d) A closed-off heart, since I don’t recognize in myself what I see in others, and with it judgement and self-righteousness.

If I bring such a practice into my daily life, as I have done so since my mid-teens, it brings a tremendous richness, grounding, fluidity and deepening humanity.

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