Absolute & Relative

Here is a simple way to look at the absolute and relative, although I don’t know how accurate it is according to Buddhist terminology.

The absolute has two faces: One is the ground (space & awareness). The other is the ground and the world of form arising within this ground.

In the first case, it is distinct from the world of form and empty of any characteristics. In the second case, it shows up as the One Taste of all there is. It is form where the ground is emphasized.

The relative is the world of form, of polarities and poles, differentiation and separation. The relative is – in a way – the form aspect of the absolute. It is form and differentiation emphasized, and the ground and One Taste in the background.

If we are stuck in the absolute, we don’t fully appreciate the differentiation. If we are stuck in the relative, we don’t fully appreciate the One Taste of all there is. With both, we deepen our experience of One Taste and of the differentiation. We become more fluid betwen the two, able to bring it into our life in many different ways.

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