Aligned With What Is

It seems that through evolution (of the universe) and development (of us as individuals) we gradually become more aligned with what is, as it is.

First, our view is local and dualistic. Then, it gradually widens and becomes more and more transdual.

What is, is more than and including any and all polarities, such as existence and nonexistence, creator and creation, matter and spirit, formless awareness and the world of form, life and nonlife, nature and culture, body and mind, I and other, delusion and awakening, right and wrong, good and evil, and so on. What is, includes all this and goes beyond all this. It allows all to be, as it is.

And as our own view becomes more deeply transdual, it is gradually aligned more with this overarching viewless view.

Said another way – in the words of some of the mystics – our individual will is aligned with that of God, of what is.

And as what is definitely includes the peculiarities and arbitrary preferences of our human self, those too are included.

What is, includes Big Mind and it includes our human self with all its characteristics. This too – to use a somewhat dramatic language – is the will of God.

Gradually – as we move into deeper transdual views – we become familiar with Big Mind, beyond and embracing any and all polarities, and with ourselves as limited human selves, with all our arbitrary characteristics, peculiarities and preferences.

And we gradually learn to become even more intimate with all of this, more fluid in navigating this wider terrain, and more fluid and free in moving among all its various aspects.

Big Mind may be simple in its formless aspect, but infinitely rich and continuously evolving in its form aspect. So there is always further to go. There is always room for deepening into more intimate familiarity with both aspects and that embracing and beyond both.

Enlightenment is never an end, and never was. There are always further awakenings, including all the awakenings of big Mind as new, increasingly complex forms.

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