Awakening of Mind & Heart

During the overall awakening process, there is an awakening of the mind and heart – and these are somewhat distinct from each other.

The awakening of the mind is an awakening as Big Mind, as that which is beyond and including all polarities. Here, everything is complete as is. There is nothing missing, no preferences. It is complete equanimity and – in a way – detachment. As Genpo Roshi says, it is the ultimate masculine (!).

The awakening of the heart is an awakening as Big Heart, as unlimited and unconditioned love and compassion for all beings and all there is. Here, there is indeed a preference – for relieving suffering and removing the cause of suffering (not yet awakened as Big Mind). And there is active and passionate engagement in the world. Big Heart shows up in many ways, including masculine (tough love) and feminine (receptivity, gentle). To me, it also seems that it can show up in a more cool way or a more fiery way.

And again, there is a beautiful mutuality between the two. Big Mind gives the clarity and detachment, and Big Heart the passion and engagement. Without Big Mind, there is no guidance or relief. Without Big Heart, there is no direction and life. And the deeper we go into one, the deeper we can go into the other.

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