Dance Of Intention & Grace

In the process of becoming more deeply familiar with the relative, the absolute and the integration between them, there is a dance of intention & grace.

As a human self, we apply intention, practice, discipline and so on. And we are met by grace. And there is a dance between the two, fluidly moving from one to the other.

Both is an aspect of the process of God awakening to itself as God and as a human being.

In Christianiy, there is an emphasis on prayer and ethics. In Buddhism, on meditation and mindfulness. In Sufism, on devotion and love. All of these and more is what we can do as a human being. And we are met by grace, by gifts from the larger whole – from ourselves as Big Mind/Heart.

As Richard Baker said, awakening is an accident and practice makes us accident prone.

As a human being, we are in a second person relationship with God, Spirit, Big Mind/Heart. We can apply ourselves to deepen and clarify this relationship, and allow it to work on and transform us as a human being, in our daily life. And we are met by grace, in all its various forms – some of which do not appear to us as grace from our temporarily limited view.

And finding ourselves as Big Mind/Heart, we can allow our human self to realign itself with this larger whole. To transform and bring this more deeply into daily life.

Both are parts of the overall process of God exploring itself as relative and absolute, as human and Spirit. It is all good.

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