The groundless ground – experienced by us as space & awareness, the Unborn, Original Face and so on – allows the world of form to arise. And this world of form is flow, it is continuous death and rebirth. Everything continually dies as what is is, and is reborn as something else.

This process allows anything in the world of form to arise, it cleans the slate for a new manifestation. It allows the world of form to be always new, always different, always fresh.

And also within the world of form, death is that which gives birth.

The death of energy as pure energy gives matter. The death of stars gives heavier elements and planets. The death of living bodies gives matter and energy for new bodies. The death of individuals gives space and resources for new individuals. The death of species allows other species to find new niches. The death of nations and civilizations allows space for new nations and civilizations. And so on.

The universe is flow, and flow is death and rebirth. And this death and rebirth is found at all levels and all aspects of the universe, the earth and our lives as a species and individuals.

Death is as intimate with us as the breath of life itself. We are death, we are rebirth, we are flow.

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