I went to my great holistic dentist today, and had an interesting time in the dentist chair. Having people working in my mouth gives me lots of time and opportunity to experience and explore.

One is of course to watch my human self doing all sorts of things. I have a slight phobia for dentistry so watching it all play out is a little like watching a worm on a hook wiggling around.

I saw a fluid mixture of patterns coming up. Patterns of dread and recoiling (from childhood experiences going to a dentist who didn’t believe in using anesthetics), of enjoying and appreciating the experience, of a great deal of gratitude for my teeth being in good hands, for trying to shift from dread to appreciation, and so on. At times, the center of gravity was probably more in this mix and struggle, and at other times, the center of gravity was in the Witness – just being with what is happening and watching it unfold.

At some point, I decided to fuel sincere curiosity about all the various sensations in the mouth – and that transformed the experience to a far greater extent than anything else. Real curiosity about what is happening seems to be one key into being with it, allowing it to unfold in space & awareness, and also for finding some appreciation and gratitude for it at the level of the human self.

I was also impressed with the technology, knowledge and skills applied. Dentistry – in research and applied – is one example of the processes of the universe bringing itself into awareness.

It is the process of the human being bringing aspects of itself into awareness. It is the teeth bringing their own processes and patterns into awareness through the human. It is the earth in the process of bringing itself into awareness. It is the universe bringing one of its processes and patterns more fully into awareness – through another of its processes and patterns. All of these statements are accurate in different ways.

This is just another reminder how the present – no matter what the content is – is complete. It has everything needed to deepen into clarity, integration, appreciation and so on. Nothing is left out.

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