Dreams & Ground

I frequently have dreams where I am a quite different person than in my waking life. Not only is my circumstances different, but there is also another human self. The age, body, gender, personality and so on can be just about anything, although there is a slight tendency for it to be closer to my own age and gender.

I notice that there is (of course) the same ground of choiceless, mirrorlike awareness, but filtered and operating through a very different personality.

And this is how it appears to be. There is the ground – the Unborn – and the human self and world of form arising within it. And somehow, this seems to be the case for everyone. The ground in each case seems limitless etc., yet clearly functionally centered on that one particular human self. There is a functional separation between all the ground/self units, although also a sense of no separation.

And if there is anything like rebirth, then that may also function in this way. It is the same ground, yet functionally connected with a procession of different selves, each one coming and going as a guest. Each one with a tendency to take itself as all there is, which is true and not. It is all there is, right now. And there is a procession of selves, arising within one ground.

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