Early Morning

When I wake up in the morning, I often do some of the following…

  • Feeling into and resting as what is – sounds, smells, sensations, emotions, thoughts and so on. Becoming familiar with the content that is here right now.
  • When you close your eyes and try to find yourself, here in this moment, who or what do you discover yourself to be?

    • Right now… I find space and many things arising in this space, such as the sound of traffic and tapping of the keyboard, sounds of crows, walls, desk, window, sensation of slightly cold hands, pressure under left foot, a tingling in space where the head is, a taste in space of sweetness and slight bitterness, very few thoughts, pure awareness within which all this arises. I cannot find any inherent “I” in any of these, or any combination of these.
  • Visualization of the coming day, in terms of how I relate to whatever comes up. That it is all food for waking up a little more, go a little more deeply into the richness of life, deepening transdual view and life.
  • Rejoyicing in other’s happiness and good fortune (cycling through people I know and know about). Taking time to find appreciation for the joy, clarity, compassion and insights experienced by others.
  • Prayer/visualization of clarity and insight for those who experience difficulty (again, cycling through people I know and know about)
  • The intention that whatever I do/experience this coming day will be for the benefit of all beings. And the intention of awakening more fully for the benefit of all beings.

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