Filter, Actions & Ground

As long as we function as a human being, there appears to be three levels operating simultaneously.

  • A particular bias
    Coming from the particular filter of this human self – in turn reflecting the particular processes and patterns of this universe, planet, species, culture and the history of all of this and the individual human self.

  • Views and strategies that tends to alleviate or increase suffering
    Our actions are more likely to alleviate if coming from a more deeply world-centric and transdual view, and they are more likely to increase if coming from a less world-centric and more dualistic view.

  • The groundless ground where all is complete and perfect as is
    The space and awareness in which the world of form arises.

The bias gives richness and uniqueness to our existence in/as the world of the phenomena. The views and strategies gives us a challenge and something to continiously clarify, deepen and practice. And the groundless ground gives us a sense of freedom and a recognition of the completeness of perfection of what is, as it is. The “one taste” of what is happening in the present, whatever it is.

Together they create an immensely rich, full and fluid experience.

And of course, they show up in this form only as an overlay of abstractions – added to the unspeakableness of what is. This is just one way of looking at it, and it is at best a crutch – to temporarily help us orient and function in the world of phenomena.

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