Often, before falling asleep or after waking up in the morning, I have periods where I go into different forms of active imagination. It is very similar to voice dialogue in a way, also in that I can speak with someone/something as an “other” (2nd person) or go into that role myself and experience it from the inside (1st person). Sometimes, I continue exploring something coming up in a dream, or it could be something that comes up otherwise – such a dialogue with the body, an animal, landscape, Wisdom, anger, fear, Big Mind, maturity, etc.

This morning, I had an active imagination which involved me being pulled backwards in infinity, passing through filters at regular intervals. These filters were as glass plates and parts of me were pulled off and remained on the filters as I continued falling backwards. The filters became progressively finer, and at the end nothing remained apart from emptiness – full of the world.

The early and more coarse ones filtered out any attachments to the physical body and obvious personality dislikes and likes. Then, they filtered out a range of attachments of attachments to various experiences and subtle preferences and views. Then, the last remaining attachment to any experience, preference and particular view were filtered off.

What remained was just emptiness – completely ordinary and unremarkable – and open for the whole world as it is. A deepening alignment with Existence as it is, more than and inclusive of any and all polarities, effortlessly allowing it all to manifest as it does.

An empty and clear mirror allowing anything to be reflected when it comes up and with no trace of it when it is not there.

Of course, this is a process that has been unfolding for a while, although this was a particularly clear image of it.

This particular active imagination came up after going fully into the experience of seeing and knowing how much farther there is to go for me. In everyday life – especially from using the headless experiments – I find myself as emptiness full of the world. And in this, there is a freedom to allow anything in the manifest world to come and go as guests, including any sensations, feelings, emotions, thoughts and behaviors of this human self.

And there are also times when I go into preferences and fuel them. Sometimes, there is a sense of freedom and fluidity in it, a sense of space and the option of letting go of it right away. Other times, there is less of a sense of choice. Both are of course OK, although in the second case there is a contraction into and of identity, and more of a lack of flexibility.

Last night, I fueled some reactions to people interviewed on BBC supporting the death penalty, although this was the version of more freedom and ability to move more fluidily into it and then allowing it to fall away, and also take a variety of other perspectives. Still, there is definetely an element of rigidity remaining in terms of preferences.

There is still an element of personal will here not quite aligned with the will of Existence. An element of delusion, not seeing – through and through – that it is all God manifesting freely and completely in the present. Manifesting completely and perfectly, as everything happening in the world of form – including anything going on as what I may see as “me” or “I”.

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