Green Teaching

Most teachers seem to be at phase three, with its tint of greenness. It is often a slightly immature phase, not yet fully humanized and made ordinary.

This is OK if it happens within a tradition, where junior teachers work with guidance for senior teachers. If it happens on a “freelance” basis, it may be more questionable. In both cases, there are pitfalls. But in the second case, there is no-one to help you see it or get out of it. Of course, life will still help you see it, but it may happen in a more unpleasant way.

Adyashanti is a good example of a teacher at phase three. He is brilliant and clear, obviously tapped into the source. Yet, his teaching is also quite immature. It is the infant and child buddha stage. Still a buddha, but not yet matured.

Genpo Roshi is an example of a teacher at phase five. Mature, solid, thoroughly ordinary and human.

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  1. Hi there…
    just wondering if you could say more about what you mean, when you say that Adyashanti’s teaching is quite immature? I don’t have extensive experience with him but I have spent a weekend at an intensive and have nothing but respect for him. I’m curious to hear further reflections about what you mean. (I assume you are referring to the colours of spiral dynamics when you say ‘green’ — yes?)

  2. Hi!

    Yes, it wasn’t quite clear there.

    With “green” I was more thinking of immature. What I am refering to is the difference between what they in Zen call the “brilliant sun of enlightenment” and the “hazy moon of enlightenment”, with the latter considered more mature.

    Adyshant’s teachins are certainly very clear and accurate, as far as I can tell. But they also seem a little “immature” in the sense of not quite seasoned.

    Teachers who are further into their awakening often have another quality about them, somewhat more grounded, seasoned, ordinary, humanized etc. Some describe it has the difference between a newborn Buddha and a mature and older Buddha. I can’t really describe it any better, although I am sure others can.

    So I am not saying anything about the clarity or accuracy of his teachings. He is among the clearest of anyone I know, and with a freshness as well that I haven’t seen from many others.

  3. Hmmm, thanks. 🙂 Yes, I realized as soon as I posted my last comment that you likely meant green in the sense of fresh/new.

    I’m rather floored by the volume of your writings on such intense topics. Looking forward to reading more.

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