Individual & God’s Will

In the tradition of the Christian mystics, we see that the process is often described as one of aligning the personal and God’s will.

The personal will is our natural human preferences and likes & dislikes. God’s will is what is happening in the larger whole, how the larger world manifests.

When we are exclusively identified as a human being, we are naturally also identified and attached to the preferences of our human self. Since we have no other ground, we don’t have any other choice. So here, we often experience a great deal of struggle and suffering whenever the larger whole manifests in a way not aligned with our human preferences. Our view is dualistic, and we perceive our personal will here as often opposed to the way the world is manifesting out there.

When we find ourselves as formless awareness – as the Unborn, the Original Face – we are released from this exclusive identification with our human self. We can now rest in and as that in which the world of phenomena arises, and there is a full freedom in allowing whatever is happening to arise. Here, the differences between personal and God’s will dissolve – there is no difference. The personal will is arising within the world of phenomena as everything else, and as expressions of God’s will in the present. Our view is (apparently) nondual, and they are the same.

Coming into a deeper integration, we can hold both and see that there is no problem there. There is the personal preferences, and what is happening in the larger whole, and it is OK. They unfold within the groundless ground, there is a sense of greater ease and flow between the two, and the dynamism between them gives richness and spice to life. Our view is deepening transdual, beyond and embracing both ends of this – and any – polarity and the dynamics arising within them.

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