Integral Practice

What currently passes for integral practice…

  • Spirit
    • Shikantaza
    • Some koan study (minimal right now)
    • Douglas Harding‘s experiments (during daily activities, especially when out and about)
    • Breema (yoga/mindfulness)
    • Big Mind process (some with friends)
    • Atma Vichara: Who/what am I? (upon waking in the morning)
  • Mind
    • Byron Katie‘s inquiry
    • Big Mind process
    • Breema (yoga/mindfulness)
    • Rejoicing (finding joy in other’s happiness)
    • Gratitude
    • Studies (limited)
  • Body
    • Breema (yoga/mindfulness)
    • Brisk walking & light running
    • Strenght (some although minimal)
    • Biking (although less now in the winter)
    • Eat simple, hearty peasant food (just got a crockpot!)
  • In wider context
    • Personal relationship(s)
    • Sustainability work in the community (initiating discussion groups)
    • Give Breema and Big Mind session to folks
    • Organize simple living & sustainability related workshops etc.

The last few weeks have been a period of resting from much of this, which seems to be just a part of natural cycles – both individual and seasonal. Resting and integration phases are as important as the more active ones.

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