Integration Of BioFeedback & Meditative/Yogic Traditions

In the coming years, we are likely to see a deepening of a particular integration of western science and eastern meditative and yogic traditions.

For centuries and millennia, segments of humanity has explored the effects of prayer, mediation and yogic practices. These findings have refined the practices, and have formed into spiritual and yogic traditions – such as contemplative and mystical streams within Christianity, Sufism, Taoism, Buddhism, Adveita and others. There is a large body of tools, techniques, maps and so on here.

And for a few decades, western science has done (right hand quadrant) research into some of the same traditions, through research into biofeedback and the effects of meditation and yogic practices.

So it seems that the next phase is a more deeper integration of these two streams, a mutual enhancement of each. This can be done through a combination of biosensors and feedback informed by these old mediation/yogic traditions, and aimed at facilitating fluidity among and familiarity with a wider range of states.

It can help people refine their meditative, yogic and martial arts practices, and also function better in daily life and maybe even extreme situations.

In AQAL terminology, this is an integration of approaches from the left (meditative/yogic traditions) and right (western science) quadrants. And it is aimed at facilitating familiarity with various states (centauric through nondual), supporting a healthy integration at whatever stage people are at, nurturing the maturing of various lines of development (emotional, spiritual, kinestetic etc.), and setting the conditions for development into higher and wider phases as outlined in spiral dynamics.

Hopefully, this will (at least partly) occur within a Creative Commons type context where findings are made available to and can be enhanced and refined by others.

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