It’s All There – But No I

It is tricky to write about these things. Of course, I tend to use words such as “I” and “we” and so on, and this is a useful way of talking about it. It makes sense and makes the language more ordinary and familiar.

At the same time, it is very clear to me that these terms only have a very limited meaning. They of course makes sense to others who do see somebody here, acting and living in the world. And they make sense in referring to this human self and the awareness which functions through it.

Still, there is so clearly no separate or fixed human self. It is only a temporary form within the world of forms, a vortex in a stream, intimately embedded in the larger fluid whole of the world of form.

And there is also no “I” in this formless awareness.

Yes, there is this human self and the rest of the world of form, as anybody experiences it all the time. And there is this formless awareness. But nowhere in all of this is there any separate “I”. There is no particular segment of this whole which inherently has or is an “I”.

The sense of “I” only comes from the belief in a thought of “I”, it comes from a temporary layer of abstractions which is temporarily taken as gospel truth. As more real than what is actually happening.

I can see how much energy we put into creating and upholding this sense of an “I”, and how much suffering and sense of struggle it creates. It is actually quite comical, and also quite tragic.

And, it seems to be just a part of the evolution of the universe. A temporary phase in the evolution of the universe, gradually awakening to itself through some of its parts. Of Big Mind gradually awakening to itself, more and more. Gradually aligning itself consciously with its own inherent nature, beyond and including all polarities.

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