Journey & Destination

The universe is continually self-organizing into increasingly complex forms, which can be seen as a journey – with a beginning (Big Bang), different milestones (energy to matter, galaxies, solar systems, life, self-awareness, dual view, deepening transdual view and so on), and quite possibly an end. And the same is true for its subsystems such as the Earth, humanity and individual human beings. In the world of form, there are journeys with beginnings, milestones and ends.

At the same time, this is all the universe self-organizing. Reorganizing itself in always new and fresh ways. It is all movements and transformations within the whole. So in a sense, it is both a journey and not. It is going somewhere, and it is not.

And it is all unfolding within the same groundless ground, that in which space & time and the world of form arises and unfolds. Here, nothing is really happening. It is always the same, no matter what time our calendars and clocks may say it is.

This is true for the universe as a whole, and our own individual lives.

In my life, I can see a beginning, various milestones (which ones seem important always changes), and I know there will be an end.

At the same time, this is all just reorganization within the whole (as a temporary subsystem called a human individual, and as reorganization within the larger whole of the Earth, solar system, galaxy and universe). And it is all unfolding within the groundless ground. The ground that is here right now, in immediate experience. This timeless unknowing, within which the world of forms – including all these experiences – arise in the present. And this ground is always present and always the same.

Finding myself as this ground, I see that I AM, while this human self is born, grows up and dies within and as me. Finding myself as this human self, I see that this ground is always present – always the same – at any time, including before and at my conception and birth, right now, and when and after I die.

In and as the world of form, there is a journey and various destinations.

In and as groundless ground, there are journeys and various destinations arising within me. And I also see that I am the journey and destination from the view of – for instance – individual human beings. They journey within and as me, and they seek me (even when not aware of it).

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