Journey & Not

The Universe is on a journey, and not.

It is on a journey in the sense that it is always reorganizing itself in new ways. Always evolving, always – apparently – going in the direction of increased differentiation, integration and complexity. And this is true even for subprocesses within this larger process of evolution, from the evolution of this galaxy, solar system and planet, down to the evolution of all the subsystems of this planet including humanity and the development of individual human beings.

It evolved from energy to matter, and into increasingly complex matter. From a mostly uniform field into galaxies and solar systems. From a dead to a living planet. From a mostly unaware state to a half-awake dualistic view. From a dualistic to a more fully awake transdual view. And it continues to evolve and change, possibly into deepening self-awareness, a more deeply transdual view, and deepening integration in the world of form (beyond and including ecosystems, individual human beings, technology and more).

And it is not on a journey, in the sense that all this – the whole world of form – arises within the groundless ground, distinct from the world of phenomena and empty of any characteristics. This is the always present ground, always here – no matter when, according to the time of the unfolding of the universe, we look. It is always the same, always unchanging.

So everything – this whole universe down to our current situation here now – is always new and fresh. Always different, self-organizing and evolving. And at the same time, it is always unfolding within and as the same groundless ground – as the always present present. The Always Already.

When Jesus looked into this ground, he found the exactly same ground as you and I can find right now. When Buddha looked into this ground, he and we are looking at the same.

It is that in which space and time unfolds, and is the unchanging present beyond and embracing change and flow.

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