Just Noticing

Here are two ways of relating to our human self, both of which seem very useful and complementary to each other.

One is the familiar one of trying to understand and change, and we can indeed do this to a certain extent. We can always go further here, but in itself – it may not be quite satisfactory.

The other is just noticing. To find ourselves as the Witness and just notice our human self in all the things it does. All the habitual patterns, reactions, responses, sensations, feelings, emotions, thoughts, behaviors and so on. As the Witness, we find ourselves choiceless and naturally accepting of whatever comes up. And this in itself can give a sense of relief and perspective, and even allow our human self to reorganize itself within this “new” context. (This context of space & awareness – choiceless and stainless – is always here, but not always noticed in this way.)

If we never do any work on the level of our human self, we end up as a coach potato – if we are lucky. If we never access ourselves as the Witness, we never find any – more lasting – sense of release or liberation.

With work on ourselves, through intention, practice, analysis and everything else, we can find increased health, development, richness, maturity, deepening integration, and so on. With accessing ourselves as the Witness, we find release and a “ground” outside of our human self.

They go hand in hand.

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