Million Strings

When we find ourselves as formless awareness, and find a new “ground” of being here, we see the world of phenomena as a panorama. From this new ground, distinct from the world of phenomena, we see it as a seamless and fluid whole.

We see that this human self is just a temporary and fluid pattern within the world of matter and energy, similar to a vortex in a stream. And this pattern is always changing, while also having a discernible beginning (conception) and end (death).

We also see that what we perceive as cause and effects is just aspects of movements within the world of phenomena. It is an ever changing ocean, and these changes sometimes appear as cause and effect.

And we see that this human self, as any other temporary pattern in the world of phenomena, appears as pulled by a million strings. By everything found through western science and psychology, and far more. It is a puppet pulled by an infinite number of strings attached to everything else in the world of phenomena.

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