No Center

When we awaken as formless awareness, we find that there is no center.

There is of course a functional center in the world of form, also known as this human self. In a way, it is the vehicle for the formless awareness in the world of form. But this space & awareness itself does not appear to have any center.

It is just the space & awareness in which the world of form happens.

First, we realize that there is no separate or fixed human self. It is just a vortex in the world of form. Then, we may realize that there is no “I” anywhere in all of this. It is just what is happening, with the same content as always, but with no “I” anywhere.

And since there is no center to the Unborn, it appears that everything is self-experiencing. The tree is experiencing itself, the stars are experiencing themselves, the table is experiencing itself, the body is experiencing itself. To be more accurate, everything is self-experiencing through the channel of the senses of this human self. It is God experiencing itself, as form and as formless awareness, through the human self.

But even here, there is an overlay of abstractions. There is a an idea of a subtle separation of experiencer and experiencer.

Ultimately, there is just what is – beyond and including all polarities. No words can even approach it.

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