In Tibetan Buddhism, they have various practices of offering – anything from the whole universe to your physical body.

I find this to be a profoundly liberating practice, even when doing it informally as I did this morning, after waking and before getting up.

I offer the whole universe, this human self with sensations, energies, feelings, emotions and thoughts, anything I appreciate in the world, anybody I have a connection with, any discomfort and perceived problem, any suffering in myself and in the world, the Earth as a whole, and so on.

Who do I offer it to? To God, Big Mind/Heart, Buddha, Spirit, or whatever name the absolute goes by, that which goes beyond and includes all polarities.

Of course, that is what is all belongs to anyway. That is what it is, no matter what. So the offering is just a reminder to myself of this.

None of it belongs to me or any other part of the whole, which is quite obvious in our daily life. It helps me release blind attachments, to allow the natural and effortless flow of the world of phenomena. It allows me to align my conscious view a little closer with what is.

I – as a human self – and anyone and anything else, is just an aspect of this larger whole, beyond and including all polarities. And I – as Big Mind, Buddha Mind, Spirit – is also this larger whole beyond and including all polarities.

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