One Taste & Engagement

When we awaken as formless awareness and the world of form arising within it, we see the One Taste of all there is. It all arises within the ground of space & awareness. Here, everything that arises is I, there is no “other” and there cannot be any “other”.

If we are stuck here, we are also stuck in a certain arrogance and cold-heartedness. We see the One Taste of all beings, of delusion and awakening, of suffering and bliss, but not the (also) very real differences between them.

When we integrate our human self in this and appreciate that there is an “other” on a human and relative level, we open for genuine and deepening empathy and compassion, and the real life engagement that naturally comes out of that.

There is the One Taste, and there is also real differences, compassion and activity in the world.

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