Opening of the Heart

The heart opens on its own accord, and yet there are things we can do to nurture and nourish its awakening.

From Big Mind, we can shift in the direction of the relative and into Big Heart. Here, we find ourselves as infinite and unconditional love and compassion for all being and all there is. We can find a deeper familiarity as this, and even allow our human self to be infused and gradually healed by it.

As our human self, we can work on noticing and integrating projections. All that I see out there is also in here. Everything I see in any other being is also in myself as a human being. This opens for a deep sense of intimacy with ourselves and others, and a deep compassion for the suffering and confusion of all of us.

Both nurture the heart, it provides compost for the heart, allowing it to eventually open and enliven and gradually deepen into it. And this in turn brings a deepening passion, compassion, joy, pain, bliss, suffering, intimacy and active and joyful engagement into our life. It profoundly transforms our life.

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