Paths To Big Mind

There are several paths to a glimpse or taste or awakening as Big Mind, that which is beyond and includes all polarities.

One is the “path” of it happening out of the blue, with no conscious preparation.

Another is a more traditional awakening, first as the Unborn – that in which the world of form arises, and then as Big Mind – that which includes the Unborn and the born, space & awareness and the world of form.

A third is the Big Mind process, where we explore and become the various dualistic and transdual views, including Big Mind and Big Heart. This gives us a taste of it.

And a fourth is the Universe Story, where we use mainstream science as a pathway into a view of the universe as a seamless process, beyond and including a wide range of polarities. In itself, it may not get us completely into the view Big Mind, but it is very close.

It seems that the three last ones work well together.

The more stable and deepening awakening comes through various practices, including meditation. The Big Mind process helps us explore ourselves as Big Mind, although it needs to be grounded in our life and through practice. And the Universe Story helps us ground it in science and our modern worldview. And, to be honest, the awakening always comes “out of the blue”, no matter how much we prepare for it, so the first is included as well.

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