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Mount St. Helens

A couple of days ago, I read “Echoes of Fury” about the eruption of Mount St. Helens in 1980. One of the storylines in the book is the corruption and coverups by the state of Washington. During the leadup to the main eruption, they established a red zone around the volcano to protect people living in or visiting the area. Against recommendations from scientist, they made the area immediately north of the peak of the volcano exempt from this zone, and they did so for purely commercial reasons as this is Weierhauser land (big logging company). Of the 60 or so who died in the eruption, all but three were in this zone which was legal although should not have been. The three others had permits to be in the red zone.

As a way to cover this up, the governor of Washington, followed by government agencies, made it appear as if everyone who died did so because they were in the red zone and were reckless and irresponsible. Reporters brought this view to the public, mostly unquestioned and uninvestigaged. As presented in the book, it is a case of the government (literally) blaming the victims for their own corruption, with the media as their mouthpiece.

I read about this before falling asleep, and noticed how this triggered a good deal of agitation in me as this often does, this form of power abuse, cover-up and blind/unquestioning support by the media and public.

I decided to just dive and melt into the experience, and it shifted fluidly into a sense of fullness, clarity and strength. As long as I resisted the experience, it was one of a disturbance by something “other”, discomfort and hindered sleep. When I melted into it, it shifted into an entirely different experience – one fullness and strength tinged with bliss.

Of course, I was – and am – still very much aware of the particulars of the situation that triggered it. But now, there is more of a sense of spaciousness, clarity, compassion and of us all being in the same boat. Before, the sense of clarity and spaciousness was in the background and the triggered responses in the foreground, which makes for ineffective action and one that is only likely to bring more suffering. Now, if there was a need for it and it came up as my role, I can likely be more effectively engaged in this situation.


The following morning, I listened to NPR and something very similar came up. Again triggered by the approach of US media of avoiding the difficult questions and misrepresenting situations through what they leave out.

Two of the stories in particular did this. One about the Chetchenian rebels, where they looked into the “causes” without at any point mentioning that they are fighting for the independence of their country. The other about WTO protester, where again – they left out any mentioning of the reasons for the protest. Of course, if they sincerely wished to present the real reasons, and did so in a accurate way, it would bring up a good deal of understanding and sympathy from the US public. As they presented it in their typical fashion, it appears as the rebels and WTO protesters are dangerous weirdos acting in thoroughly irrational ways.

And they may do this because Russia is an ally and the Chetchenians muslims, while WTO is the main engine for corporate globalization.

This is just another example of how corporate media, and US media in particular, seem unwilling to rock the boat. They pick up stories that deals with surface problems and leave out the deeper issues and questions. And if they need to touch on any of these deeper issues, they do so in a way that appears designed to calm the waters and stabilize the boat (the current system).

Again, the agitation came up – and fluidly changed as I welcomed and dove into the experience.

Filter, Actions & Ground

Of course, in these cases what is triggered is typical for this particular human self, conditioned by infinite factors – from the particulars of this species through the biology and experiences of this particular human self. There is nothing absolute in these particular reactions or views, no final truth or priveledged insights.

At the same time, it is the case that some views come from a wider circle of concern than others, and that some courses of actions tend to alleviate suffering while other tend to increase suffering.

There is simultaneously…

  • A particular bias
    Coming from the particular filter of this human self – in turn reflecting the particular processes and patterns of this universe, planet, species, culture and the history of all of this and the individual human self.

  • Views and strategies that tends to alleviate or increase suffering
    More likely to alleviate if coming from a more deeply world-centric and transdual view, and more likely to increase if coming from a less world-centric and more dualistic view.

  • The groundless ground where all is complete and perfect as is
    The space and awareness in which the world of form arises.


I went to another deeksha yesterday (no. three in a series of seven), and I have no doubt that it is the genuine article. It does faciliate, fuel and deepen what seems to be a genuine awakening, for most (anyone?) who receives it. I appreciate the approach of these particular deeksha givers as they bring a good deal of ordinariness, grounding and maturity to it.

At one point, we were to select someone we would work the rest of the day through different explorations. I chose one I have wanted to connect with since the first deeksha, and it turned out that we share a very similar process – down to many of the apparently personal details. The main one was a strong/clear awakening and deepening into this awakening, followed by a terrible fall from grace (the dark night of the soul) and then gradual integration.


I find the practice of rejoicing to be immensely enriching and opening for the heart. There is always something to rejoice in, always somebody’s happiness and good fortune available to find joy in. And this naturally brings a great deal of gratitude and joy into my own life, along with an opening heart and widening generosity. I especially do this when I am out and about, around other people, and also before falling asleep in the evening or just after waking up in the morning.

It is possible to find reasons for genuine joy somewhere in just about anyone’s situation – their good health, good looks, athleticism, good taste, passion in their work, having work in the first place, enjoyment of the current situation, companionship, being alive, insights, and so on. It doesn’t have to be in something particularly “spiritual”, although that is included as well.

Five Elements Acupuncture

After a break, I have resumed my five element acupuncture treatments. They are wonderful, especially as my fire energy has been weak for a long time now. From the passion and tremendous clarity and energy some years back, I went through a period where this fire seemed completely put out, and it is now gradually returning – partly thanks to these wonderful treatments. I am immensely grateful for having access to these where I am.

Wood Stove & Crock Pot

Our housemates are away on vacation, so my partner and I spend wonderful and long evenings in front of the fireplace, on our large and padded Breema rug. We read, exchange massage and Breema, talk, watch movies, pet the cat, and generally lounge around. We also spend the nights there in the glow of the fire, which is wonderfully nurturing. And we got two crock pots last week so we have wonderfully nurturing food as well, often hearty stews with local, organic and free-range meat. I soak it all up as a sponge.

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