Projections, Development & Ground

As mentioned in the previous post, there is a great deal of connections between projections and other areas such as identity (what we identify as), dual and transdual views, finding ourselves as human and/or ground, being aligned with or opposed to Existence as it manifests, our circle of compassion, care, and concern, and our evolutionary and developmental processes. And much more.

In short, as we notice and integrate projections more and more, we… Find a more inclusive, porous and fluid identity. Move from a dualistic to a deepening transdual view. Expand our circle of care, compassion and concern to include all beings and eventually all of Existence. Find ourselves as ground (space & awareness) and a human being. Find a view more aligned with what is – beyond and including all polarities. And move up the developmental lines of compassion, ethics, spirituality and value memes.

We are lucky, because there is a very simple guideline in working with projections. Whatever I see as “out there” in the outer world, is also “in here” in my inner world. Any quality or characteristic I see in the world of form outside of my human self, is also there inside of my human self. Whenever something appears as a disturbance or an “other”, I can find the same in myself and the separation falls away. Any attraction or repulsion is a guidepost of projections, of seeing something out there which I am not yet familiar with in here.

And we are lucky that existence nudges us in this direction. Operating with blind projections is uncomfortable to us in many ways. We cling to blind attractions and aversions, with all the suffering for ourselves and others that brings with it. We have a narrow identity which brings rigidity and narrowness to how we live our life. We are blindly attached to outcomes. We blindly cling to and push away certain situations and experiences. In short, we are constantly at odds with existence as it manifests in our lives.

Our lives constantly invites us to move from a dualistic to a more transdual view.

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