Projections etc.

As we notice and integrate projections, we also move from a dualistic to a deepening transdual view. We move from an ego/ethno-centric to a deepening world-centric view. And we move from an exclusive identification with our human self to a deepening integration of the relative and absolute, our human self and Big Mind.

And this process seems to partly be fueled by the inherent contradictions of a more dualistic and ego/ethnocentric view, and the discomfort this brings up for us.

We act from a view more exclusive than Existence itself, which brings up situations which appear undesirable to us, and we are motivated to find a view more aligned with what is. This moves us from a more dualistic view to a deepening transdual view, beyond and embracing all polarities.

If we have a exclusive and narrow identity, there is also a shadow – all our qualities which are there but don’t match this identity. And when these qualities come up in others, we see them as just that – “others”. We tend to dehumanize them.

And as long as we are exclusively identified with our human self, we are bound to have a quite limited and exclusive identity, with the accompanying shadow projections and ego/ethnocentric views.

As we awaken to the “ground, to ourselves as space & awareness, we have the opportunity to continually soften and expand our identity. And in this process, we find a new empathy for others and all beings, and our view becomes more deeply world-centric. We move from a dualistic view to a deepening transdual view in many or all areas.

Working with projections brings us to greater wholeness as a human being, with a larger repertoire of conscious qualities and a greater familiarity with all human qualities in us.

It deepens our empathy, as we recognize in ourselves what we see in others and can place ourselves in the situation of others.

Our circle of care, compassion and concern naturally expands to include all beings, we are after all in the same boat in more than one way (I see in me what I see in you, and we are all held within this larger Existence beyond all polarities).

Seeing all the qualities “out there” also “in here” brings us into a more deeply transdual view, we realize and directly experience that Existence is beyond and including all polarities.

And as we experience our human self as one whole – including and embracing all polarities of human qualities, and the world of form as one whole – including and embracing all beings and everything else, we naturally awaken as formless awareness, as the “ground” in which all this arises.

So awakening as the “ground” helps us work with projections, and working with projections helps us awaken as the “ground”. They go hand in hand.

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