Richness Of Streams

There is such a wonderful richness of experience… So much co-existing and enriching each other, especially when both poles of a polarity are present simultaneously.

Last night, we went to dinner at a restaurant and a table nearby had eight women in their early 20s. They were very animated, and it was at times difficult to continue our conversation. So one stream of experience was that of annoyance, irritability and some judgment. And another was of deep appreciation and joy in their joy. And both existed very happily together within this space and the “ground” of formless awareness. They each lived their own life, and also enriched and gave a poignancy to each other and the situation.

A few weeks ago, I had food poisoning and my human self was in pain and discomfort. At the same time, there was a resting in and as formless awareness, and a joy, bliss and deep appreciation and gratitude coming up in recognizing that.

Recently, I had a day where my human self was overwhelmed with a sense of inadequacy and failure. After trying to distract myself for a while (with food, reading, music, going for a walk), I laid down on the bed and just experienced, just melted into whatever was happening. And the content of the experiences changed from pain and discomfort, into something that had was tremendously full, spacious, open, raw and opened for a deep gratitude and appreciation.

When my heart opens, there is a wonderful mixture of pain and joy, rawness and bliss, separation and intimacy. And again, each of these live their own life and follow their own process, while also co-existing easily within this emptiness, this space for the world, this formless awareness within which the world of form arises and anything come and go as guests.

This is how it is throughout my daily life, and even in dreams. There is such a richness of streams, each unfolding on their own, each interacting with the others, and all unfolding within this clear and pure formless awareness.

There is such a wonderful richness of it all, seeing them all unfold, seeing each end of each polarity co-exist within the same space, enriching each other and the situation.

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