Richness of Streams

There seems to always be multiple streams of experiences in our experience, and they also seem to not take notice of what we humans may think is appropriate. For instance, in my experience there is often a co-existing of pain, bliss, irritability, joy, etc.

As I mentioned in a previous entry, we can relate to this in three general ways.

We can appreciate what is and see that it is only a natural expression of the richness of life and our experiences. This is a more lived and transdual view.

We can be distressed and confused by it and struggle against what is. This is more of a lived and dualistic view.

Or we can be neutral, just allowing it all to unfold and come and go as guests. This is more of the meditative experience, non-seeking mind.

On one level, this is completely obvious. If we fight against what we experience, there is a sense of struggle and suffering. If we welcome it in, there is (a chance of) a sense of appreciation independent of content. We all (?) know this from our own experience.

At the same time, taken further and brought into life, it becomes completely radical. It is something that both leads us into and is an expression of a deepening transdual view, an awakening to and as Big Mind.

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